OXI Family

Four models of OXI climbing shoes are the main novelty prepared for climbing season 2017 in Ocún. 

Successful concept of performance climbing shoe named OXI is now available in four modifications. Distinctive asymmetry and curved sole are the common feature of all the shoes belonging to OXI Family. You easily distinguish OXI from many others thanks to its highly rubberized toe-box and heel which helps executing technically demanding moves. It ́s highly visible also thanks to the fresh colours.

What distinguishes them from each other is the stiffness of midsole and fastening solution, in case of women´s version it´s also the cut of the shoes which is slightly tighter. The differences predestine each of OXIs for different discipline. 

Choose the one that fict your project!

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We´re happy to support devoted climbers who do their best to keep pushing their personal limits and sometimes succeed to achieve something remarkable in the world scale. Success is great, but one thing means even more to us. And that is passion! Because of this we support those who are clearly in love with climbing and whose lives are all tilted into vertical perspective. Those who think vertical. So who´s in the team? See the whole list of our athletes and read their answers to a set of crucial questions about life and climbing.

Climbing LAB

We are very proud of the fact that every product we sell is designed and perfected by our own people. Our team includes process engineers, material experts, designers and quality managers. And since we strive to combine the ability of industrial designers and engineers with the needs and desires of climbers, we also cooperate with active athletes. Their feedback is invaluable and helps us to develop and improve our products every day.

Since we share our passion for climbing with our customers, we offer active climbers the opportunity to participate in our work and become part of new product development. We are preparing the new concept of sharing new ideas and putting them into production under the name OCÚN Climbing Lab

Our climbing lab is open to all. We are curious about your comments and opinions. More info is coming soon here...


OutDoor 2018

OutDoor Show 2018 is quickly drawing near and the new collection Ocún will be offering its customers in 2019 is ready and waiting for its grand unveiling.


New ropes available!

We are entering the new year tied in to our new dynamic ropes. Vision, Spirit, Cult and Guru are designed with emphasis on perfect reliability, smooth handling and long durability. Find out more…


CAT Rubber

We have introduced our new sole rubber at OutDoor 2017 fair in Friedrichshafen – it´s named CAT (Climbing Adhesion Technology) and we have developed it with special emphasis on maximum friction.