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Autumn rocking and rollin´ around

Tamara Zulim summarizes her recent achievements, reports about autumn climbing conditions in Croatia and invites you to a new climbing crag called Klobuk.

Tamara Zulim autumn 2011

August and September in Dalmatia were two extremely hot months with some of the highest temperatures ever measured in this season. Although we sweated a lot, the climbing scene in Split kept fighting despite the temperatures.

At the beginning of August I took few days to focus on a super technical project in Rupotine, which I finished and named the route Pozitivan stav (means "positive attitude"), grade around 8a/a+.
After that I was combining climbing on Markezina greda with gym sessions. I always lose my motivation for projecting routes after a while and it is the right time to go to train and have fun with my gym-mates again.

Tamara climbing Pozitivan stav

October and November were reserved for some new climbing crags, which I was really looking forward to. I decided to leave hard routes and projects for some time. I felt a little bit drained and fed up with climbing during this summer so I wanted to take it easy, climb new routes, onsight, flash or with minimum attempts.  I also promised to visit my friend in Rijeka, so we climbed there in one of my favourite crags, which is still kind of a secret place. Some of the top lines I did by 2nd go: Criogenetica 7c, Friends no borders 7b+, Mr. Morgen 7b, RiRock 7b+/c. I enjoyed Istria and wish I could stay longer. Hopefully I´ll come back soon. Few days later - back home, I did a nice line in Trogir - Dreamland 7c+ 3rd go and was back on my track.

Tamara Zulim in Istria

At the beginning of this year climbers from Split started bolting and developing a new crag called Klobuk. This crag is huge and has a tendency of becoming a top spot. All the new lines in Klobuk became popular among climbers during this autumn. Since climbing in Klobuk is awesome. There are routes of all kinds, lenghts and overhangs...pinches, tufas, crimps; something for everyone. I flashed Toleranca 7b and Fantazist 7b, but needed more tries for the athletic U zmajevom gnijezdu 7b+, which somehow caught me suprised. Anyway, Klobuk - I can highly recommend.
I also visited less known Karin, a crag few kilometers away from well known and famous Paklenica. The crew and weather conditions were perfect and motivation high and I onsighted Zlatno tele 7b+ and did Roko prč 7c+ by 2nd go.

Klobuk climbing crag in Croatia

And that was all my autumn.  Obviously, I just did my best to make use of good weather conditions and climb outside as much as I could, because it keeps my spirit and motivation high. All in all, I enjoyed it.


Wishing to all the Ocun and Rock Pillars friends good health, love and happiness






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