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About Us

Ocun is focused on producing the finest equipment for sport climbing, bouldering, and mountaineering. Climbing equipment with red blossom as a symbol gives its users certainty and brings joy from climbing.



Via ferrata set Taja

New user manual for Via Ferrata sets produced by Ocún

New user manual for Via Ferrata sets produced by Ocún These instructions describe the correct use of the Via Ferrata sets Ocún including instructions how to identify the year of production of your ferrata set to verify its life span.

Webee Harness

How we make the WeBee harness

See how the revolutionary harness with WeBee technology is made.


Bouldering in Prilep, Macedonia

If you think about bouldering in Macedonia, if you want to experience a combination of gastronomic and climbing pleasure, I can only recommend.

Úvazek weBee na Outdooru 2014

Ocun at Outdoor 2013 - Report from the fair

Ocun this time presented the new weBee harness, which attracted professionals and the public as well as the wire mini carabiner and mini quickdraw set Kestrel.


Padani 2013 - quiz results

We drew 6 winners of Ego3 harness. Thank you all for your participation in the quiz and congratulations to the winners.


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